Our mission

Our goal as a band is perhaps more easily understood when experienced live rather than expressed through text.  We aspire to what most if not all bands strive to achieve - to inspire, uplift, and stir emotion in our listeners…but that’s just scratching the surface:  For us, being presented with the opportunity to connect with and reach people through music is an opportunity and a responsibility we do not take lightly.  Our music reflects who we are as a group, our experiences and our values, which has proved to be an essential link into meeting some of the greatest individuals we could’ve ever imagined: our fans that we now call family.  

We invite our listeners to join us in this type of unspoken fellowship: a type of non-denominational, judgement-free collective whereabout individuals can seek and ultimately find hope.  We boldly ask our listeners to delve into the shadows, their shadows, to surrender into what is troubling them, whatever is lying heavy on their hearts, and allow the message of our music to help them navigate their way to peace; if only for a moment.  We have chosen to dedicate our lives to this cause and to providing this escape.  We continually aim to reflect & magnify all the love our fans give to us back onto them - it’s a deeply spiritual exchange, and the most rewarding honor -  thank each and every one of you for believing in us!